Jambo Africa UK


What is Jambo Africa?
We are a community-based charitable organization whose goals are to empower, enable and encourage our young people to become responsible, valuable and productive adults.

What do we do?
We run culturally diverse workshops which incorporate African drumming , drama and dance.

What are we working towards?
We aim to empower and empower our youth to identify and achieve their goals.

Who do we work with?
Young people and young adults

Problems our clientele may face:
They lack facilities for recreational use
Few appropriate role models
Lack of cultural identity
Sense of not belonging
Schools unable to deal effectively with racial identity
Natural talents and skills have not been developed
Children not learning how to be independent
Rights of passage – need help to be able to make a transition from one status to another within their society.

At Jambo Africa, we aim to address these issues, and positively impact the lives of young people.


Jambo Africa UK


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