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Being born and raised in Kenya has afforded me the privilege of calling Africa my Motherland. Broadly speaking African childhood is a highly unique experience, full of its own intricate set of challenges as well as triumphs. My fondest memories involved running around with bare feet, walking to draw water from a nearby river and fetching firewood from the forest as part of my chores!

Today, as a trained counsellor, I combine modern and traditional African dance drumming therapy in my work with young people. The importance of creative expression as a form of therapy was highlighted throughout my childhood experiences. Surrounded by a potentially toxic combination of poverty and lack of opportunity, I found my escape through dance and music.

Similarly, my vision in starting Jambo Africa was to create an organisation that combines African experience with a fun, enjoyable atmosphere where young people can express their feelings, and work towards being a more positive person.
Jane Henya


Jambo Africa UK


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