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We are currently raising funds to open a safe house in Kenya for young girls fleeing Female genital mutilation and forced early marriages.

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About Female Genital Mutilation

Every day throughout the world more than 7,000 girls undergo a painful, unnecessary and sometimes life threatening procedure – Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Their ages typically range from newborn babies, to girls in their early stages of puberty. It is a fact that FGM can cause severe infection, unbearable pain during intercourse, pregnancy and childbirth complications, as well as infertility, and even death. Yet this practice is still prevalent throughout the world.

Many of the surgeries are performed with contaminated tools and no anaesthetic being given to the girls. Therefore the circumstances of this procedure produce severe pain during and after the surgery and lead to the spreading of infections. FGM can take many different forms, usually the clitoris is either partially or completely removed, sometimes along with the labia. Some cultures also sew up the opening of the vagina so a woman can only pass urine and blood during her menstrual cycle.

Such processes are put in place to ensure a woman remains a virgin until her wedding day when her vagina will be cut again for intercourse with her husband. In certain cultures the vagina is sewn up and then reopened again each time after sex in order to ensure the woman’s fidelity.

FGM is used to control and suppress women’s sexuality. However in order for this supressive sexist act to be preserved across the world among those who practice it, various myths have been created promoting female genital mutilation. Among these are that female genital mutilation ensures female chastity and thus increases chances of marriage, ensures female fidelity during marriage, increases a man’s sexual pleasure, prevents a woman’s clitoris from growing into a penis, ensures females are clean and hygienic and is a religious requirement.

FGM is in actuality a cruel and unhealthy option for women that leads to health problems and solves no health issues of the female genitalia. Jambo Africa is a charity that seeks to help to permanently abolish the tradition of FGM. Our first project is to open a safety house of refuge in Ngong, Kenya for all, babies, girls and women who have undergone FGM or are at risk of being forced into the terrible procedure. Please help us protect our girls, preserve their futures and put an end to this atrocious act.