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We are currently raising funds to open a safe house in Kenya for young girls fleeing Female genital mutilation and forced early marriages.

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Masai Women Project – FGM

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About The Masai Women Project

Our project in Kenya aims to empower Maasai women, most of this women have gone through a lot of trauma such as forced arranged marriages to men old enough to be their parents. Female genital multinational is a common practice in the community , the women there has taboos e.g. Believing if they are not circumcised they will die in child birth or become infertile, we work with local women to empower them. Most women cannot afford sanitation pads and we hoping to creat a local production of affordable sanitary pads.

by a young Kenyan Maasai boy named Stephen

The girls in same cases have been looked at us, fertile soil and incubators of male seed.
Whereas women in general are referred to as domestic servants and breeding machines.
The girl child suffers discrimination and shame and in some communities she is still a commodity for trade.
The dreams of some girls have been thwarted through practice of early marriage which usually organised by wealth.
Here the girl is seen as a property in exchange of cattle and cash and once married off,
she become a purchase property therefore has no say of anything.
Rape is one of the inhuman acts affecting girls child ,
Other completions include painful or blocked menses and obstruct labour .
The girls also suffer severe depression and increased risk of HIV.
Let us give the child girl the support comfort and protection she deserve.