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Proud To Be Kenyan British Program

Most young British Kenyans don’t speak Kenyan and don’t understand Kenyan culture. We’re looking to take these young people back to their roots by organising their first every trip to Kenya.

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About The Proud To Be Project

Jambo Africa UK works with young people born in the UK by African parents. Most of these young people struggle with their identity. At home they are meant to behave like they are Africans and out of home they have to fit in with British culture. We find that most of these young people juggle two cultures and end up with many confusions and frustrations.

We work with these young people to help them come to a place where they are secure in being African British. A lot of these young people face a lot of prejudice and racial discrimination, as a result, we offer them a safe place to express their view points and explore their identity. In addition, many African parents struggle to accept their children’s cultural shifts so we also work to help them through this process.